SoFonda’s Philosophy

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© The Artists LeFey LLC

SoFonda Tees! is an online store of The Artists LeFey LLC, based in the beautiful Morongo Basin of southern California, where art is a way of life. It’s our philosophy that life in its fullness is a kaleidoscope of colors, from fields of flowers to rain forests, and of course, in people. Skin, eyes, hair, auras even, and certainly light, are all wonderfully different colors in the people around us, which we celebrate as assuredly as rainbows.

All of the products you find at SoFonda Tees depict aspects of the colors in the world. Grey Forge LeFey’s quirky humor and illustrations evoke laughter, and Khrysso Heart LeFey’s fun and sophisticated designs are colorful style. And yes, SoFonda Tees strives to embrace diversity, from the LGBTQ+ attitudes of her artists, for their allies, to sensitivity for the vast mix of culture surrounding them.

Welcome to SoFonda Tees! You’ll feel better if you yell it with us: “SoFonda!”

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