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Jenae & Khrysso in SoFonda Style!
Jenae & Khrysso in SoFonda Style!

Welcome to SoFonda Tees, where It's All About the Colors, Babyᵀᴹ! Proudly operated by the The Artists LeFey LLC, SoFonda Tees is about living with grace, fun, love, kindness, and style!

Check out the gags in our SoFonda line, the flair of our Butch LeFeys, our Pride, LGBTQ+, Affirming Ally, and our Faith designs. You can wear them, put them on your wall, drink your coffee from them! Let them brighten your day and the day of someone you love.

The Artists LeFey, Khrysso and Grey, are proof that love wins. We are blessed with so many friends, a wonderfully intentional family, dreams come true, and so much love. It's all here at SoFonda Tees!