Partners for a Great Cause

The heart of SoFonda Tees! is the Artists LeFey, LLC, and the two men who provide intellectual properties for the company are also champions of humanity. Khrysso and Grey share the conviction that it’s the responsibility of every person to be an ally to their neighbor, and to cast wide the net of caring to encompass as many as possible. Every human deserves safety, equality, and opportunity. Everyone deserves to feel loved and to not be afraid.

And so we’re proud and happy to be allies to those who share the wonderful mission of inclusivity, those who strive to provide comfort, shelter, and peace. It’s an honor to help spread their message at the lowest possible cost. And if you find a shirt or a tote here that saves you a few bucks, consider sending that savings on to your favorite charity if you can. We’re all here to help one another.

And last but definitely not least, The Artists LeFey thank their Patreon supporters who make efforts like this possible. Their giving hearts are the examples that inspire and fuel us. Consider joining the ranks of our heroes, if you can. The Artists LeFey on Patreon