Free Mom Hugs

SoFonda Tees! and the Artists LeFey LLC are exceptionally proud to be authorized to offer official Free Mom Hugs shirts on behalf of our friends, the Mama Bears. Free Mom Hugs is a group of affirming parents who love their LGBTQ+ kids unconditionally and take hugs of love and acceptance to others. They are dedicated to educating families, church and civil leaders, and not only affirming the value of the LGBTQ+ community, but celebrating it.

A note about our pricing on Free Mom Hug shirts: Our basic shirts start at just $10. We want to offer that rock-bottom price option to be as affordable as possible in appreciation for a hugger’s heart! We also offer additional order options such as colors, state-specific shirts, and more. You’ll notice a price jump here, and it’s because these shirt options are fundraisers with the majority of profit donated to Free Mom Hugs. If you can, treat yourself and Free Mom Hugs! Shop here.

To learn more about Mama Bears and Free Mom Hugs and contribute to their outreach, visit their site at

Free Mom Hugs official logos and designs are copyright and trademarked by Free Mom Hugs.

Grey Forge LeFey and Khrysso Heart LeFey are especially proud to be local leaders for Free Mom Hugs in the Morongo Basin and Coachella Valley in Southern California.