Patreon Angels

The Artists LeFey use our talent and skills to make good things happen for causes we believe in. An example of that is how SoFonda Tees makes available the Essential line of shirts for Free Mom Hugs volunteers. And while the shirts are purchased at very nearly wholesale by the customers, the cost of providing the shirts is a loss for the business. We love Free Mom Hugs and in the first 2.5 months of working with them, we’ve provided over 300 Essentials shirts and donated nearly $4000.00.

Fortunately, the Artists LeFey are honored to have the support of Clan LeFey, the wonderful patrons who give to our Patreon group, to help subsidize the cost of a web presence, and providing customer service, and so much more! These folks are humanity’s best hearts. If you’d like to join their ranks with just a contribution of a dollar or more a month, please visit Clan LeFey at Patreon.


Clan LeFey: our Patreon Angels!

Patti Auber

Steven K. Smith

Mark & Christopher Angle-Hobson

Dan & Carolyn Wagner

Kim Tuel Fannin

Joe Yaksich

Sandi Vitek

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