SpFpnda Tees - Where SASS is never SILENT.

Empowering your LGBTQI+ expression by keeping it affordable.

It’s part of our mission.

We’re dedicated to normalizing rainbow people everywhere. The cost of shining your truth can be high enough without spending a fortune doing it. Our commitment is to sufficiency over profit, and we don’t want to get rich out of your pockets. Thank you for letting us help you be visible. You are wonderfully made!

LGBTQI+ and Perennial owned.
Socially and environmentally passionate.

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We’re thrilled to feature our Exclusive Designs on all our Apparel and intrinsic Gift items. Just look for our logo.2022 SoFonda Tees logo

Exclusively SoFonda

You won’t find generic or cookie-cutter designs on our SoFonda Originals. Every statement is unique, created by an LGBTQ+ artist who lives these sentiments.


A pair of dowager Queens

We’re Khrysso and Grey, the Artists LeFey, and we didn’t just come down in the rain yesterday, Mary Lou. We’ve done been dragged around the block a few times since the 60s, and we’re proof that progress requires a price.

But with the inherent price of living authentically, we’re happy to at least help your presentation cost a little less. There are some truly fabulous LGBTQI+ stores out there that unfortunately may be a little pricey for someone struggling to get by. One of the perks of being silver: we’re not trying to build an empire. We’re living artfully and giving back because we can.

Khrysso & Grey at one of their art show openings in Joshua Tree.

Khysso and Grey Gallery 62
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