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SoFonda Tees: Love BoldlyThere are a multitude of apparel and accessories shops out there that feature the same routine designs available from bulk donkey shops: a dime a dozen. The exclusives we offer at SoFonda Tees! are custom designs available no where else that state your sentiments and style.

We have to say, our attitudes here at SoFonda may not appeal so much to the younger crowd, and that’s ok. The Artists LeFey are a curmudgeon and a codger who’ve been around, been through life’s hard challenges, and have survived it all. That’s the perspective we share with friends and fans. We know who Rhianna and EXO are, but only because we have kids, and we know but we don’t care.

We’re soccer moms, geeks, theatre nerds, art freaks, spiritualists, and environmentalists concerned with making a better, safer, happier, more loving world. We welcome all those who live kindly. We love boldly. In color.


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