Pride Gear

From wedding parties to Pride parades, SoFonda's got your gear!

We think you should celebrate your pride and individuality, and not go broke doing it! Since our personal way of life is sufficiency and not wealth, we don't mark our imports up to exorbitant prices to make a big profit, or run sales on regular prices that are over inflated. Your budget can stretch farther at SoFonda Tees!

Please note, our PRIDE GEAR products are indeed imports and not SoFonda Original designs, as with all our apparel and giftware lines. You may see our Pride Gear products for sale elsewhere, but probably not at our prices. Keep in mind, as imports these products may take as long at 4-8 weeks for delivery, so plan accordingly.

We're proud to say all purchases at SoFonda Tees do benefit the LGBTQ+ organizations we support. Please check out our Resources page if you need assistance, or to become a supporter yourself. There is so much good to be done in the world. Thank you for being a part of it!