SoFonda’s Philosophy

Where its all about the colors, baby!

Our pride isn’t about arrogance.

IT’s about not being ashamed of
who we are.

Being concerned about human rights and equality is a way of life, whether you’re marching or attending church. If you’re on the queer spectrum or an ally, you can normalize inclusive equality by always being present. Don’t let there be any doubt about your stance in support of LGBTQI+ community, which includes ALL lives. The most persecuted are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

We’re Grey and Khrysso LeFey, and SoFonda Tees  is our LGBTQI+ Original Design Apparel, Gifts, and Pride Life Accessories store. Whether you’re out and proud or a shy soul, we’ve got your saucy shirt or your modest rainbow pin to show you stand on the side of love. Some may want to shout their sass and some are more comfortable with a smile, but whether you’re full of joyful noise or placid murmurs, sass is never silent. Celebrate diversity and variance in all its beautiful colors, with a bit of sass.

We’re both artists and artistic souls, and along with sharing our designs in order to affirm and normalize those in our community, we also use our powers for the good of Mother Earth in a number of other projects. You can join our efforts if you like by becoming a member of our clan on Patreon. Thanks for being here, and being you.

Welcome to SoFonda Tees!

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