Why SoFonda never do rush.

Khrysso and I are as used to it as everyone else: we order from monster Amazon, we have Prime, it can be delivered tomorrow!  We find it on walmart.com, they have warehouses bigger than Kansas, we can get it in 2 days! We bid on eBay: the seller is off-loading something he’s trying to get rid of, of course he can send it fast (for a hefty shipping cost)!

SoFonda Tees doesn’t work in any of the above scenarios. We’re not off-loading generic tee shirts at 5 for $9, we don’t have massive warehouses of ready-made stock waiting to fly off the shelves. Shipping is paid to the company that delivers the product; not a dime to us.

SoFonda Tees is a small company that sells highly rated shirts with exclusive designs from the Artists LeFey, and shirts on behalf of our dear friends, Free Mom Hugs. Every shirt is a custom product: it doesn’t exist until the fulfillment process is complete. The shirt is picked from blank stock, prepped and printed, and packaged for shipment. That process takes 2-7 days, depending on how busy our department is. When we are zipping luckily along, it’s usually 3-5. And there is absolutely no rushing it.

Some customers want to know why we don’t offer rush fulfillment. Frankly, we don’t think it’s fair to bump a customer up in line because they’re willing to pay us a fee. It compensates us for working harder, but it doesn’t compensate the other customers whose orders get delayed. Wouldn’t that be great at the checkout line? Sure I can wait, the guy in a hurry pays ME to cut in. But this little tee shirt shop doesn’t operate like a grocery store, where one customer has 3 items and one has 2 carts full. All of our customers order about the same: one or a couple shirts, so we don’t have an express line. So fulfillment is what it is.

What you get is a highly rated tee shirt our customers are universally happy with: soft, comfortable, great fit (when the measurements are followed), with really nice printing, AND (to quote a customer) “at a price that doesn’t hurt your feelings!” If it’s a SoFonda exclusive, you get a design not available anywhere else in the whole wide world. If it’s for Free Mom Hugs, a basic shirt is available for one single Hamilton so everyone can get about their business doing good hugs, and if you purchase a higher priced item, we donate the majority of the profit for that shirt to Free Mom Hugs to help them with their mission.

What you DON’T get with SoFonda Tees is rush orders. It’s that simple. Now, we really love our customers, and we love the work we’re doing. We find this is the best way for most everyone. So please just give yourself time to order what you need, and give us time to fulfill and ship your order. And thank you to EVERY customer, so many of you, who have done just that.


What's your take on this?

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