It’s like SoFonda found a new mascara!

Not at SoFonda Tees!Happy 2020, everyone! It’s truly a time of rediscovery and starting over: creating a better, more forward thinking SoFonda Tees.

One of the philosophies we’ve embraced at this point in the journey is a tough one. We love creating tees and selling fashion, but we also must acknowledge that the fashion industry creates an immense amount of waste and pollution. Globally, clothing has become largely a disposable product, discarded not because it’s worn out, but because it’s become tiresome. Manufacturing clothing traditionally wastes enormous amounts of precious water and natural resources, and countless tons of discarded textiles are literally clogging the waste stream. So first, we reaffirm our commitment to only bring you exclusive designs that aren’t replicated elsewhere ad nauseum. “I’m with Stupid” shirts can be found at lots of other stores; we specialize in only SoFonda Sass and Style that makes a more distinct statement.

Second, we are making a pledge to only use brands of stock from manufacturers who take measurable responsibility to become better shepherds of this planet. As of this writing, we’re excited to re-introduce our tees on Bella + Canvas shirts. Bella + Canvas uses 7 times less water than the average for clothing manufacturers, saving 24 million gallons a week. Their process recycles water through a filtration system that allows it to be reused. They reduce co2 emissions and energy consumption by using solar energy, motion-sensor LED lighting and skylights throughout each building, and electric car charging stations to encourage employees to go green. Their nearly-achieved goal is zero waste in corporation and manufacturing: they recycle everything! They’re one of the largest clothing manufacturers in the USA, providing thousands of jobs, and internationally are committed to ethics, health, and safety, never utilizing sweat-shop labor. At this point, Bella + Canvas is the ONLY manufacturer available to us that puts facts on the table about their efforts, not just blowing smoke. Our customers have loved our Bella + Canvas quality since day one, and we can feel good about working with their product. And we sincerely hope other companies adopt a similarly responsible attitude.

And third, with the new year, SoFonda and Butch are making a new commitment to expand our philanthropy. There are so many causes we care about, so many individuals and organizations that are working hard to save this planet and the lives on it. Some of them include Free Mom Hugs and The Ocean Cleanup. Quarterly, the Artists LeFey LLC, SoFonda’s parent company, will make a contribution to an active non-profit that is demonstrating extraordinary efforts to change lives. And we would love our customers to suggest causes they care about, too. If there is a deserving non-profit you’d like us to consider, please drop an email to

Life is a big canvas. Throw as much paint as you can at it! It’s all about the colors, Baby!™

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